Friday, June 20, 2008

HAMARI VARUNA is participating in Maa Ganga Mukti Abhiyan

HAMARI VARUNA abhiyan is playing major role in Maa Ganga Mukti Abhiyan. Our co-convener Surya Bhan Singh is on Dharana with Prof.G.D.Agrawal, the veteran environmentlist at Utterkashi. Prof. Agrawal is on hunger strike to free of Ganga. Dr. Vyomesh Chitravansh, the convener, HVA told at Varanasi " our presumption is that every river, lake and waterbodies are the gifts to us by the nature, so we have no right to destroy them. but it is our duty to save and conserve them." He described with the datas, which are published by the Govt, that in coming year we will have to face a big crisis for water. The reason behind it , that we are very careless about our rivers, our lakes, our waterbodies and other natural esources. only and anly we are responsible and victims for that.

Dr. Vyomesh Chitravansh arased the questions on Goverment's intention and policies. He stated that it is looking that Govt. wants to finish all the natural resources as directed by Multy National Componies and corporate groups. He promised that the HVA will alwayes fight for the river conservation though it is ganga or any other river. For this purpose Surya Bhan is there at Utterkashi for dharana, he will get the decision and participation thre on the behalf of HAMARI VARUNA.

It is also wonderful, that our Govt. want to finish the Ganga, which is sign of faith and eternity of lots of indians and hindus. Government policies are same every where ,though it is Ganga or Yamuna or Varuna.
Now , it is a big question before us that we want to save our river , our nature, our destiny or we have to finish? think it!