Sunday, March 30, 2008

save the Varuna, she is dying

Varuna is prehistorian river which was described in oldest hindu miths and holy books. The famous holy,cultural and oldest city of the world was named on this river. Before only 20years it was lifeline of Varanasi ,but now a days it is one of the most polluted rivers of India. There is no any living things and it's water has crossed all the parameters of pollution. Varuna is ailing.
we the HAMARI VARUNA abhiyan are a group of people among youths, advocates, students and social worker. We are trying to revive our Varuna river. Due to our efforts some work have started in Allahabad, but it is not sufficient. We are demanding the support and help of same minded people for our moovement.
for any further details you may contact to:
Dr. Vyomesh Chitravansh, Convener,
contact: 0-9450960851 & 9336516574


Tarahathi said...
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Tarahathi said...

बहुत ही अच्छा प्रयास
वरुणा के उदगम स्थल से १० किमी दूरी पर ही स्थित है जौनपुर का गौरव वीर भूमि तरहठी,जो मां वरुणा से भरपूर लाभ लेता है.वरुणा बचाओ अभियान में हम भी आपके साथ हैं.