Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Now the people are awaring about Varuna

Varuna is not only prehistorical river of varanasi region but it was the life line of this areas. It's water was very medicated and used as anticeptics. Many herbal and medicinal plantation like ashvagandha, bhringraj, brahmi, bathuaa, ghritkumari, sarpgandha, kalmegh, sankhpuspi were found on its bank. The many hindu temples and panchkroshi parikrama are also part of it. The very famous temple Pancho shivala, Rameshver mahadeo, surya mandir are also there. Before only 10 years Varuna was lifeline of Varanasi. It maintained the groundwater lavel of trans varuna areas and it was also helpful for drinking and irrigation. But now a days it is on dying bed, There is no any Govt. policy to revive her. In fact, Government is much responsible to finish it. the new siverline of the city is flowing directly in varuna at Chokaghat. The land mafias are encroching its area. With the Govt. nexus they are dumping Varuna. and no body is there to impliment the Court's order about conservation and preservation of river and water tanks.
When Dr. Vyomesh Chitravansh raised these questions by RTI and proper forums , He was tryied to keep silent by these persons, but due to his courage and wills he started his movement about Varuna , now a days he is recognised for this issue. aaAt present he has a group of local persons who are fighting for Varuna at every step with Dr. chitravansh. As a results of these , now HAMARI VARUNA is working in all adjescent districts i.e. Varanasi, Jounpur, Bhadohi and Allahabad. Local administation is also planning to do something on Varuna.
Local print and electronic media are also trying to attract about the problems of Varuna and its ailing. we hope in coming days Varuna will again be the lifeline of Varanasi and Dr. Vyomesh Chitravansh will be success in his efforts.

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